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For the love of the old game!

Mighty Casey at the Bat


The constant through the years and every spring;

The field, the fans, and the players are all a part of America's game of baseball.  

The peace of the ballpark, 

The feel and smell of the grass,

The feel of the ball in your glove,

The sound and the feel of the ball hitting the bat,

The echoes of the past,

The roar of a crowd cheering for its heroes.

Baseball bat, mitt, and baseball

So inhale it all with anticipation and let it all hang out, as you experience the story of Mighty Casey come to life while you cheer and shout. 

Read the Review

Rick, I just wanted to let you know your performance at the SD State District 3 Amateur Baseball Tournament was a hit with the fans as well as the players. Your renditions of "Casey at the Bat" and the "Star Spangled Banner" prior to the games, along with "God Bless America" during the 7th Inning Stretch, were spot on. The emotion you brought to these performances were validated by the number of people I witnessed wiping a tear after each one. I highly recommend anyone having an event to look into booking you and utilizing your talents.

–Steve Ellsworth, Manager Miller/Wessington Outlaws, Organizer of District 3 Amateur Baseball Tournament

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