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For the love of the old game!

Mighty Casey at the Bat


The constant through the years and every spring;

The field, the fans, and the players are all a part of America's game of baseball.  

The peace of the ballpark, 

The feel and smell of the grass,

The feel of the ball in your glove,

The sound and the feel of the ball hitting the bat,

The echoes of the past,

The roar of a crowd cheering for its heroes.

Baseball bat, mitt, and baseball

So inhale it all with anticipation and let it all hang out, as you experience the story of Mighty Casey come to life while you cheer and shout. 

Read the Reviews

Lenard Rubin, Director of Food & Beverage (and baseball fan), Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak

Rick Losey of Believe Productions is the epitome of the consummate baseball fan and historian. His passion for the game and its history is unrivalled. I have been fortunate to experience on multiple occasions his performance of Casey at the Bat.


He not only performs the story in its entirety, he also does a passionate introduction that transports you to the time and place that it all happens. It brought back fond memories of my childhood back east where I went to many ballgames with my dad and grandfather and played the game myself. His rendition of the National Anthem and then God Bless America, which is sung during the seventh inning stretch, reminds me of how proud I am to be an American and makes me wish that I was at a ballgame. If you are a kid or a kid at heart who loves the game of baseball, this show is not to be missed. If you’ve never had the opportunity be around baseball, his show will turn you into a fan.

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