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Rick Losey, actor and entertainer

Rick Losey, Actor,
Entertainer and Presenter

Rick Losey, owner of Believe Productions, LLC

Welcome to
Believe Productions

Greetings, one and all! Welcome to the Believe Productions LLC experience and website. I'm Rick Losey, and I am eager to share with everyone what has long been my vision and work in progress.


Believe Productions LLC is my creation to bring an inspiring, fun and feel good experience to those of you who choose to be part of what I am about. While Believe Productions is a reflection of my patriotic and Christian foundation, I am about reaching out to bring our feel good productions to all. 

I've got some exciting things in store for our audiences:​

Throughout the year, I am available to perform a variety of one-man presentations for your group's next event.

I hope you choose to reach out and contact me, so I can bring something to your community for you to enjoy and experience. See my contact information below for how to reach me. 

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Rick Losey - A True Collaborator and Creative Force

I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Rick Losey since 2005, and I am honored to provide this testimonial for his outstanding contributions to our collaborative endeavors.


Rick is not merely a co-worker and co-creator; he is a close friend whose talent, dedication, and creativity have enriched every project we've undertaken together. Our journey has taken us to the stage of the local opera house, where Rick's artistic brilliance has consistently brought our dramatic productions to life. His commitment to excellence, both as a performer and collaborator, has made each production a memorable and successful experience.

One of the highlights of our collaborative history was our tour of South Dakota, where we presented a one-man, holiday-time production of "The Ghost of Jacob Marley." As the sound and lights man for the show, I had the privilege of witnessing Rick's unparalleled ability to captivate audiences. His performance was nothing short of spectacular, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to attend.


Andrew Mosher, Exec. Dir., Deadwood Alive &
Rick Losey, Actor, Entertainer and Presenter

Beyond the stage, Rick played a pivotal role in my professional journey by introducing me to Deadwood Alive as a street re-enactor. His mentorship and support were instrumental in helping me establish myself in this unique role. Today, I proudly serve as the Executive Director, a position I have held for eight years, thanks in no small part to Rick's encouragement and guidance.


In conclusion, Rick Losey is a true creative force and a steadfast friend. His impact on our collaborative projects and my personal and professional growth has been immeasurable. I wholeheartedly recommend Rick to anyone seeking a dedicated, talented, and inspiring collaborator, performer or friend. Thank you for everything!


Sincerely, Andrew P. Mosher, Executive Director, Deadwood Alive


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