In Search of a LEADING LADY 

Rick will be directing and playing the part of the fire captain in The Guys.
He is in search of a leading lady to play the role of the newspaper editor.
If you are interested in this challenging, yet very rewarding opportunity, please contact Rick for more information
or to set up an audition time. 

The Guys

This true story written by Anne Nelson is an emotional rollercoaster of a performance about a fire captain and a lady newspaper editor who come together and spend a New York afternoon recalling the 911 event, the fallen men and who they were. 

In the process they discover friendship and a love for the unconquerable spirit of their city. They draw on humor, dance and the appreciation of what everyone has to give to the healing, culminating in an ending that will leave you touched by the experience.

If you'd like to bring The Guys to your town, let's talk soon!