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I Have Three Friends

By Louis L'Amour as performed by Rick Losey

I Have Three Friends is a story/poem written by the frontier writer, Mr. Louis L'Amour. As the story goes, Louis left Jamestown, North Dakota at the age of 15 to ride trains to Texas where he began his life of traveling the world while working on ships. While on his many travels Louis cultivated his life of reading and writing by beginning to write poetry.


One evening while on a ship, Louis had been trying to work out a particularly romantic poem when several of the other seaman, of a manly and rough nature, began to tease him about only being able to write love stuff. And so, after several hours of work, I Have Three Friends was created, proving that Louis indeed had other talents.


So in a somewhat similar fashion, this is also something a bit different for me. I Have Three Friends is ghostly and macabre in nature, and may cause one to pause and shiver a bit.

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